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Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Beginning

So here it is. My first blog entry. Exciting.

I decided it might be fun to join the blog-world, mainly to keep a record of what I get up to (mostly around London). If others end up reading it, cool. It will most probably end up including stuff on music, gigs, cinema, art and general London life.

On Thursday 22nd I went along to the BFI on the South Bank to see BUG07, the regular pop video showcase event hosted by Adam Buxton. Very good it was too, despite problems with the sound. A nice mix of funny, surreal, disturbing and beautiful pop videos. Check out the link above for which videos were shown. The videos for recent singles by Goldfrapp, Sia and Sebastien Tellier were all highlights for me.

I will be going to future BUG events for sure I am thinking, possibly the Massive Attack special as part of the Meltdown festival if other stuff allows (and I book tickets in time).

I also was able to enjoy a nice Hoegaarden with lemon on the tables in front of the BFI beforehand, which set my mind towards thinking about the joys of summer in London.

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