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Friday, 20 February 2009

The High Llamas at the Luminaire

Last week I went up to the Luminaire in Kilburn to see The High Llamas plays their annual London show.
They managed to overcome some early technical problems and were soon showcasing their brilliantly melodic, simple-yet complex, harmonic guitar pop. Time Out used the term “antique-futurists” when previewing the show, which gets their sound about right.

They opened up with ‘Sparkle Up’ from ‘Hawaii’. The rest of their set drew heavily on their ‘Snowbug’ album, although as usual they picked songs from almost every album.

Some highlights included ‘Harper’s Romo’ (still by far my favourite HL song), ‘Triads’, ‘Glide Time’, ‘The Track Goes By’, ‘Nomads’, ‘Bach Ze’, ‘The Sun Beats Down’, ‘The Old Spring Town’ etc.

I had been listening to their albums beforehand - 'Cold And Bouncy' is soon becoming my favourite HL album...
Apparently they had some dates in Japan lined up after this show.

The evening also served as a reminder of how great a venue the Luminaire is - a nice, intimate venue which has a distinct character, friendly staff and plays great music.

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