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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The High Llamas, Rough Trade East, 12/04/11

The High Llamas played an in-store show at Rough Trade East on Tuesday to coincide with the release of their new album 'Talahomi Way'. It is an excellent album (you can read my review for musicOMH here).

I arrived at RTE expecting to hear a short set taken entirely from the new album. The first sign that this may not necessarily be the case came when the band played a lovely instrumental version of 'Three Point Scrabble' during the soundcheck. When they came on to the stage Sean announced they would be playing both old and new songs. Excellent news. The set was as follows:

Harpers Romo
Berry Adams
Three Point Scrabble
Take My Hand
Woven And Rolled

I think I may have said elsewhere how much I adore 'Harpers Romo' and it sounded as wonderful as ever last night. Jon Fell helped out with some vocals after Sean seemed to forget some of the lyrics midway during the song. 'Three Point Scrabble' and 'Triads' also sounded as good as ever. I'm going to try to make their forthcoming show at the Purcell Room (despite it coming during a particularly busy time for gigs).

After the show I bought the new album by  King Creosote & Jon Hopkins after hearing it played in store. A beautiful record. On the way back home I listened to the new album by Low. Another beautiful record.


Howlin Pete said...

Steven, Nice one- sounds like a nice occasion-Sean is playing in the record shop that I sort of grew up in, in Letchworth Herts and I was thinking of travelling over from somerset for it, because it's a bit poignant but I'm not. We're also going to miss the may Tour as we'll be in America-poor us.I like your blog thing, the sort of thing that perhaps I should be doing. Slightly intimidated at trying to set up such a thing initially even though I have a lot to say. We travelled for a year in 2005/06 and kept a basic travel blog.All the Best Howlin Pete Wyatt

Steven Johnson said...

Thanks Pete. Sorry for the late reply, I have been out of the country. If I do make it to the Purcell Room show I will write a post. If you do decide to start a blog I would recommend Wordpress or Tumblr ahead of Blogger.