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Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Single Man, The Prince Charles Cinema, 03/04/10

I was at the PCC earlier to see 'A Single Man' the recently released debut film by Tom Ford. The story focuses on the slow, almost methodical emotional breakdown of a gay English teacher based in 1960s Los Angeles.

From the outset it proved a very measured, artfully shot film containing some great period detailing. It was one of those movies where not a great deal actually happens but what does is very beautifully presented. The story unfolded at an unhurried pace, with frequent use of lingering close ups. As widely reported, Colin Firth was very good. Although not as successful or enjoyable a film, the restraint of the plot and it's key characters on occasion reminded me of 'Lost In Translation'.

Despite the sadness of the story however I found it emotionally slightly unengaging. For me it was definitely more of a film to admire and appreciate rather than form a direct connection with.

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