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Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Road, Prince Charles Cinema, 06/03/10

I made a long overdue visit to the wonderful PCC on Saturday afternoon to see 'The Road'. I had read the novel by Cormac McCarthy (twice) so was quite interested to see how it would translate on to the big screen. I was also quite keen to check out the newly refurbished PCC (the new seats are good!).

As expected, the film was quite heavy going. And bleak. And very grey. With a heartbreaking ending.

It was almost as powerful as the novel, which I wasn't expecting. The novel deals with the relationship between the father and son with real tenderness and moves at a pace which is almost impossible to recreate on the screen I think. I also liked the space which the prose in the novel was afforded. Still, a very sad and affecting film. Probably not the best film to watch when your wife and little boy are on the other side of the world though...

The score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis was minimal and restrained in style which proved effective. It sounded like Arvo Part at times.

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