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Sunday, 8 November 2009

The High Llamas, The Luminaire, 07/11/09

I was at the Luminaire last night to see The High Llamas, the second time I had seen them play that venue in 2009....and, unsurprisingly I guess, they played a pretty much identical set. Obviously, very enjoyable but it would have been nice to maybe hear some more tracks from 'Hawaii' or 'Cold And Bouncy'. The highlights were Three Point Scrabble and Harper's Romo, which just continues to sound as brilliant as ever. Interestingly, they chose to play two instrumentals in their encore.

I think the set list went approximately like this: (I think it is missing a couple...)

Doo-Wop Property
Harper's Romo
Bach Ze
Go To Montecino
Old Spring Town
The Hot Revivalist
Three Point Scrabble
Cookie Bay
Leaf & Lime
The Track Goes By


Glide Time
Janet Jangle

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