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Saturday, 2 May 2009

London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall

I went along to the RFH on Friday to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra play pieces by Janacek, Dvorak and Rachmaninov. I had not heard any of the music previously but enjoyed all three pieces very much.

All three composers are quite well known for their incorporation of Eastern European folk music elements into their orchestral pieces. Dvorak's Violin Concerto and Rachmaninov's Symphony No. 3 both featured some melancholic, poignant episodes, reflecting the circumstances in which they were created (whilst both composers were living in the USA, away from their homelands). All were orchestrally dynamic, melodic pieces (Rachmaninov, thrillingly so).

I went home via Waterloo Bridge which as usual provided breathtaking, panoramic views looking eastwards down the Thames. The slightly ominous clouds overhead in the dark sky, the neon light projected on to the shimmering water, the looping rows of lights lining the river banks, the vivid colours of the illuminated National Theatre, the twinkling white lights in the trees on the South Bank, traffic on Blackfriars Bridge, the iconic buildings on the black horizon...

iPod Playlist

North Sea Radio Orchestra 'Birds'
Elegi 'Varde'

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