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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Tindersticks at Union Chapel

Just before Christmas I went to Union Chapel in Islington to see the Tindersticks play a low key show. It was the third time I was seeing them after previously seeing them at the Royal Albert Hall and the Barbican.

Their set was largely made up of the new album ‘The Hungry Saw’ which has some beautiful moments, especially the closer ‘The Turns We Took’. They also played a few older songs (‘Her’, ‘The Not Knowing’, ‘She’s Gone’, ‘Sleepy Song’, ‘Buried Bones’). They also threw in a cover of ‘Kathleen’ by Townes Van Zandt. Stuart mentioned how he had seen Townes play the Union Chapel some time ago. They didn’t have a string section as such, just occasional cello and violin (just as much as the new album requires). Seeing them in full orchestral mode is brilliant but tonight was suitably trimmed down for the smaller venue.

As usual Union Chapel looked great, the coloured lights being projected on to the stage, the tea lights around the balcony, the beautiful striking Gothic arches, the large stained glass window, the two Christmas trees at either side of the chapel…I could go on…

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