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Sunday, 3 August 2008


Just got back from seeing Caramel at the PCC. It is a movie set in Beirut and follows the lives of a number of women who work in and around a beauty salon. The events unfurl at a modest, reflective pace as the circumstances of each of the characters are slowly revealed. Throughout the film we witness moments of sadness, humour, disappointment, happiness and poignancy.

The director Nadine Labaki also features in the film as Layale, a young Lebanese woman who works in 'Si Belle', the small beauty salon. The movie shows that despite the troubled political situation of Lebanon its citizens still lead lives which contain the kind of small preoccupations and personal concerns that affect us all. The themes of love, marriage, tradition, sexuality and family all appear. The fact that no mention is made to the recent war with Israel ensures this message is carried through with quiet strength. The dedication at the end of the film adds a nice, silently moving touch.

Overall I enjoyed the film very much. It is very easy to watch, is beautifully shot and falls into the category of film that carries a message without ever overstating its case.

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