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Saturday, 7 June 2008

The American Scene at The British Museum

After leaving the PCC (see post below) I decided to head down to the Hayward Gallery, hoping to catch the recently opened 'Psycho Buildings' exhibition. When I got there I was confronted with a massive queue. So, I opted for a change of plan and set off towards the British Museum. The 59 bus took me up Kingsway and Southampton Row before I disembarked next to Bloomsbury Square Gardens (possibly one of the nicest squares in central London?).

I was going to the British Museum to check out one of their exhibitions, 'The American Scene' which features a selection of prints from modern Amercian artists. Talk of prints by Edward Hopper, Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell had attracted me to the exhibition but when I got there, for me, it was other artists that seemed to stand out.

The show begins with a lot of prints showing New York street life and architecture. I particularly liked the street scenes depicted by Martin Lewis and the buildings as portrayed by Louis Lozowick - especially the futurism/cubism feel of his 'New York' piece (see below).

The American Midwest also gets a look in with some nice prints of rural landscapes before the show concentrates on more abstract prints. Along the way some colour prints from Robert Gwathmey also stand out - as used in the sign outside the main entrance (see below).

If you like modern art and want to see some beautiful prints of New York & America I suggest a visit - it is showing until 7th September (and is free!).

If you do go, make sure you pass through the Great Court and enjoy the spectacular glass roof.

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